Announcing the Liceulice Week!

In the last week of June, we will celebrate the Liceulice Week on various locations in Belgrade, which is always a good opportunity to cast a new light on our vendors and on the work of the Fund itself. We have prepared a variety of programs, from celebrities and companies that will join the street vendors, debate on the subject of work conditions, which is the main topic of the new issue, to the central celebration in the informal cultural center Kvaka 22, with the creative participation of vendors as poets and DJs.

As in the previous years, within the Liceulice Week, which will be held from 26 to 30 June, we strive to encourage as many people as possible to step in vendors’ shoes for one day, and sell the magazine on the streets together with the regular Liceulice vendors, who will serve as guides and assistants. With the direct support of affirmed actors / journalists / sportsmen, we contribute to reducing the stigma connected with the marginalized groups, and show that every honest job is good and dignified. This time, the vendors will be joined by the actor Ivan Tomić, who recently donated his best karaoke performance award to our association, activists from the feminist organization Rekonstrukcija ženski fond, and others.

Within the Liceulice Week, we will also organize a debate devoted to the problems concerning working conditions today, which is the subject of the new, 37th issue of the magazine. The debate will be held at the bar Kaste, on Tuesday, June 27th, starting from 19h.

foto_Skullcheeze 2


The central event of the Liceulice Week will be held at the informal cultural center Kvaka 22, on Thursday, June 29th, starting from 19h. We will hand over the traditional prizes for the most successful vendors, and present a new Štenderaj  T-shirt collection, with special discount prices during the event. We are especially proud to present our vendors in the different light. Since we have been publishing the poetry of our vendors for some time, including Nikola Repec, Svetlana Petrović and many others, at the Liceulice party they will have the opportunity to read together with the affirmed poets. One of our most famous vendors, Milutin Savić Milutko, will once again come up as a DJ together with the Liceulice team.

The Liceulice Week will also be a great opportunity to get all the information about all the various support programs we offer to the vendors, as well as about the different ways you can help our work.


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