A vendor with a college degree

Svetlana Petrović is one of Liceulica’s most interesting vendors, with a college degree and language proficiency, who has also recently been promoted to the position of a trainer for new vendors. Besides the private reasons for selling the magazine, she stresses one universal reason – because it is important that women work and become economically independent. Read a fragment from her story, which our associate Dragana Nikoletić has prepared for the 36th issue of the magazine.


If you asked for a life motto, Svetlana would say – a struggle and constant education. As far as her education is concerned, she has graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, speaks several languages, writes short stories and poems, and is also a member of three amateur writers’ associations. She has attended a self-defense course for women. And all the time she was hooked on books, newspapers, magazines, which is how she learned about Liceulice. Impressed with content, she wanted to join a network of vendors. She wrote us an email, and soon started to work.

“It’s not just money, though it’s important, because the woman needs to be as independent as possible. In this work, the most important for me is communication”,”she says. Her life story goes like this: before the war she worked for several years in Mostar, Bosnia, but she fled after she was attacked. Since she has to wait for several more years until retirement, in the meantime she received the help from friends, occasionally cleaned other peoples’ flats and worked in the kitchen.

Liceulice came as the crown of her experience. “I like that this is not a static job, I can walk, go to some interesting places.” She also enjoys occasional meetings of the vendors, but mostly the conversations with customers – running into foreigners and practicing other languages is the greatest opportunity of all, says Svetlana.


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