37th issue of LICEULICE: If you had enough, say so!

After a difficult year in which we survived a major crises, in 2017 we are noticing an encouraging tendency of more and vendors joining our team each month. From their experiences, we find out about the insecurity and uncertainty of employment, and various forms of discrimination that often cause their fall to the bottom of the social scale. The new, 37th issue of the magazine Liceulice therefore brings topics dedicated to work, labor rights, their violations and abuses, as well as the methods of fighting for the more just and humane working conditions.

In the new issue we are bringing insight into different aspects of this topic: from the case of the Tuzla factory Dita, the example of a labor struggle to restart production, through examining the opportunities for trade union organizations today, to the problems of seasonal work. In the new issue, we are also bringing the story of the collectors of recyclable waste, as well as a critical look at the practice of deprivation of legal capacity. The subject of the issue is also strongly stressed through visual content, and the cover was made by a renowned visual artist, musician and writer Daniel Kovač.

As usual, in the “Stories from the margins of society” section we present you one of our vendors. This time it is Nikola Repec, a poet and member of the association of users of psychiatric services and their family “Duša”.

The organization Liceulice operates on the principle of a fund dedicated to the economic and social inclusion of members of marginalized groups, and relies largely on the support of citizens and companies. Become our regular reader and buy a magazine from our vendors – keep in mind that it is often their only source of income, but also the only window in the world, a rare opportunity to feel useful and accepted in their environment. If the sales network has not yet reached your city, subscribe, donate according to your capacities, or order some items from our activist collection For Good Reasons, which is also available through the online store Kupindo. If you live abroad, there is a possibility to make payments through Paypal!

If you want to know how your money is spent, sign up for our Liceulice In Action newsletter (send a letter to redakcija@liceulice.org), and you will regularly receive information about the new activities of the Fund. If you would like to speak with the member of our team, and get more information on the activities of the Liceulice Fund, feel free to contact us also by phone: +381 (0)11 2686-567.

LUL 37_K1_Daniel Kovac


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