The story of a vendor: Milutin Savić Milutko

For seven years now, Liceulice is successfully implementing the programs of direct support for socially disadvantaged groups: our vendors, who earn 50% of every sold copy. Aside from the steady job, we provide them with logistical and psycho-social support, and when possible also with material aid. Meet one of our vendors, Milutin Savić Milutko, the star of our 35. issue. With the money from selling Liceulice, this long-time disability support pensioner now manages to live independently and pay the bills.

Milutin is an old rocker; it is his image since the young days – leather jacket, faded jeans, and rugged shoes. He wanted to be a journalist once, and write about music. But instead he worked in a factory “Ivo Lola Ribar” for nine years, as a “horizontal metal-punch-gnawer”, an anachronistic occupation today.


Milutin, who also has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, is receiving the disability pension for over twenty years now. Since his income is low (14,000 dinars, plus occasional social assistance), he had to find another employment. He was lucky to run into Boris Pirkovic from Creative-educational center KEC, and after a while became a vendor of our magazine. Money is not the main reason, but it is still necessary, which in his case means around 700 dinars per day: for the cigarettes, something to snack, and pay the bills, with some small change left aside for the beggars. They are not to be missed, even when he breaks the budget. Occasionally he gets another business engagement – a couple of times he was invited to be a DJ in the cafe “Zaokret” in Cetinjska, his usual selling spot.

The organization “Liceulice” operates on the principle of fund for economic, social and cultural inclusion of members of marginalized groups. We apply the “hand up, not a handout” approach, meaning we are trying to create conditions in which people with less opportunities can achieve financial independence by themselves. Our vendors are the homeless, people with physical and mental disabilities, psychiatric patients, Roma, people living in extreme poverty, who earn 50% of each sold copy. In the previous period we secured a job for more than 300 vendors, who have so far earned a total of about 67,000 euros. The distribution network is constantly expanding, and currently consists of about 100 vendors, who sell about 7,000 copies per issue. You can help them with donations, subscription, purchasing one of the socially engaged Liceulice products, or inviting them for the organized sales in your company.


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