The importance of being political

The 35. issue of LICEULICE reminds the readers that politics is not only dirty and corrupt, but also crucial for changing the world around us. And it does not mean just voting in the elections, but more important: you are being political if you experience injustice or hate speech and choose not to remain silent, if you actively contribute to your local community, if you don’t give your money to large corporations but to the initiatives that help the people in need, if you buy our magazine and stop to talk to the vendors, and not turn your head away from them.

In the year 2017, we are continuing with the same mission – to be a stronghold for those most vulnerable in the Serbian society. Our approach in the magazine is still unique in the whole region, educating and motivating citizens for every day activism, while the LICEULICE media platform is further spreading with new elements: our own radio-show, and soon a brand new website.

Liceulice_035_Nalsovnica_Miladin Miletic

In the new issue, Liceulice is primarily interested in one problem – if the politics affects all aspects of our lives, why are so few people interested in it, and how come the “apolitical” position is so popular? We have prepared a large number of texts that explain why it is important to notice all the different and often unexpected ways politics determines our lives, but also to realize that we can make changes in the society in which we live. The provocative cover by Miladin Miletić and the effective photographs by the Group Kamerades, make a strong visual response to the main theme.

How art can be political we have practically demonstrated also through the recent exhibition Artist for the good reasons, honoring the international End Racism Day, which was organized together with the Belgrade Center for Human Rights. Young artists from around the region were asked to give their reflection upon the topic “Migrations”, combining statistics and the stories of the migrants who have passed through Serbia.

The position of LICEULICE on the media scene in Serbia is completely unique, since we are using the model of constructive journalism, which offers high quality, but still user-friendly and solution-focused journalistic material. Through the magazine and other multi-media channels we are constantly fighting all forms of social exclusion, while  informing and sensitizing the citizens on the issues such as anti-discrimination, equality, the meaning of public good, the importance of sustainable development and green politics, etc.


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