Many faces of vendor support

Every day, we are striving to develop new and better methods for vendor support. We are glad our efforts are publicly recognized, and many sponsors and donors have seen their money or donations go to the right hands. Lately, our vendors were gifted with the new raincoats, hats and T-shirts that arrived via Telekom; they have been invited to Eurobank and Hyatt, and finally returned to Delta City! We have also introduced new support programs for female vendors, please read about them in the text that follows.

Telekom is one of the companies that supported us from the very beginning, financially and in other ways. This time they came forward with a desire to donate 40 brand new raincoats, 80 caps and 80 T-shirts for our vendors, for which they are very grateful.

In the recent years, our vendors were invited for the organized visits to Hyatt, Eurobank and Metro, where they sold a total of over a hundred copies. Aside from the sales and meetings with employees, Hyatt included one of the most famous LICEULICE saleswomen, Nataša Naca Bojanić, in the jury for the selection of the most beautiful Christmas tree.


We are also very happy that the sales are enabled in Delta City again, where we were not present since 2015. Every first weekend of the month is reserved for the LICEULICE vendors, and the weekends when you can buy our magazine in this popular mall are announced each time a few days earlier, through special posters. Our vendors are present on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays afternoon, on the first weekend of the month – bear that in mind if you plan to go shopping in the direction of New Belgrade. While there, you will have the opportunity to provide direct aid and encouragement to people who are struggling for daily survival.

Since we have noticed that the female vendors often earn less than men, we have come out with a new strategy for additional support. The idea came from The Big Issue Australia, who employs women vendors through subscription for many years now. The first time was an experiment, and our vendor Svetlana Petrovic was thrilled both with the work, and with the extra daily allowance: “Nothing was difficult, it was an easy and interesting job”, said Svetlana. For the next subscription I plan to include more women and thus strengthen their economic position”, stresses Milica Martinovic, our team member who works with vendors and subscribers.

LICEULICE has also been highlighted as a good example of inclusion through activism in the well known TV show about people with disabilities “Place for us”, which is broadcast for years on RTS. Its 142.edition is opened by an extensive report on our magazine, with the participation of two of our vendors, Mirko Ondrik and Goran Petkovic. If you missed it on TV, you can watch the show online here.


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