LICEULICE visiting Big Issue in UK!

Street papers from different countries around the Globe, including LICEULICE, will come together for INSP’s brand new Intensive Learning Programme (ILP). It allows street paper leaders to undertake a week long placement at a well-established street paper, observing and learning about key areas of street paper operations and development. We have been given an amazing opportunity to visit Big Issue North in Manchester!

The programme was announced late last year, and 20 street papers in 13 countries expressed an interest. Six papers are taking part in the first round of placements. Marko Tomasevic, Liceulice’s Coordinator of Distribution and Vendor Support, will travel to Manchester in May, to spend a week with the team of Big Issue North, and bring a lot of fresh ideas on his return, which will help us to become even more successful in creating job opportunities for the people from the marginalized groups.


“I expect to become conversant with the functioning of the world’s largest street newspapers and figure out what it makes them the largest in the world”, says Marko. “I also hope to learn more about the sustainability of the social enterprises of this kind. There will be much to learn about the development and implementation of the programs for vendors, as well. I suppose I will be present during the entire working time with them, to observe their work, and I hope to participate in some of the activities”.

“The exchange of ideas and best practice is at the core of what we do and we hope this new programme will continue to build the capacity and effectiveness of street papers”, said Zoe Greenfield from the International Network of Street Papers (INSP).

INSP has really provided us with an amazing opportunity to get inspiration and practical advice from the very best, since we can learn so much from Big Issue about the relationship with the vendors, the methods for reaching larger audiences, and building stronger and financially sustainable social enterprise. The common goal of all of us is to assist those who are the most disadvantaged in society.


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