New activist calendars and T-shirts

The survival of the Liceulice Fund largely depends on the understanding of the community for the work we do. Buying our magazine, or through subscription and purchasing some of our activist products, you are helping us endure in our important mission. One great THANK YOU to all of our supporters!


Our specially designed activist calendars will remind you to continue the daily fight for a better society in 2017, but also that you are not alone in it. The limited edition of the    T-shirts and magnets, with illustrations that expressed support in difficult times, is still available as well.

We are grateful to the artists who have donated their images for this series: Aleksandra Nina Knežević, Vladimir Stevanović, Bratislav Milenković, Aleksandar Saša Škorić, Sanja Stojkov, Vanja Vikalo linnch, Nikola Puzigaća, jachim.992, Branko Bobić, Andrea Boros, Jana Vuković, Monika Lang and Tanja Stevanović.

We could not have continued to help the people pushed to the margins of society alone, without the kind support of our readers, subscribers, donors and all those who have engaged in the struggle for survival of the Liceulice magazine, which is for our vendors not only a source of income, but often the only form of socialization.

We therefore ask that you continue to support us in any way you can – for instance by choosing activist products from our workshop instead of commercial gifts, whose purchase will help large corporations. Using the Liceulice calendars, or wearing our shirts, you are spreading the messages of hope and solidarity, as well as the activist spirit that knows we must all work together if we want to see positive changes.

Check the unique illustrations for the special T-shirt collection on the Facebook pages Liceulice and Štenderaj. Choose a shirt for yourself or for a dear person, and when you order be sure to specify the size (T-shirts are available in the women’s cut (sizes S and M), and classic cut (sizes M, L and XL), at a price of 1400 RSD.) Hurry up, as the limited edition of the T-shirts will be available only until the end of February 2017! Table calendars are made in a small format that will suit any workspace, and their price is 450 dinars. There are also magnets with the same design, at a price of 100 dinars, as well as a special offer: calendar + magnet for 500 dinars. T-shirts, calendars and magnets can be ordered through the mail address or the Facebook page Liceulice. If you live abroad, there is a possibility to make the payment via Paypal service!


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