Liceulice no. 34 on the streets

This year has been filled with challenges, questions on how to proceed, but not questions about the meaning of it all. Therefore, the special, holiday edition of the magazine Liceulice is dedicated to: empathy – that makes us better people, fighting spirit that does not allow giving up, and finally, philanthropy necessary in the world we live in.


In the current, 34th issue of Liceulice, our long-time associate Dragana Nikoletić has done a moving interview with Goran, one of our regular vendors, for whom Liceulice was the crucial motivation to stop drinking. In the same issue, you can read the text of the activist with disabilities Stela Kapidžić from Sarajevo, get yourself informed about the phenomenon of crowd funding and the most interesting actions financially supported by the citizens. The illustrations in this issue came from Kotor, Montenegro, where the organization “Expeditio” has launched a bold photo-campaign against the urban destruction of the Bay of Kotor, the area under Unesco protection.

In our regular column “I am a Liceulice reader”, the famous historian Dubravka Stojanović describes the qualities of our magazine: “When I think about why I love Liceulice, the first argument is easy: it is a magazine with top professional level of both articles and design. In the general decline of all standards and barbarization all around us, it is an example how it’s possible to set up standards and keep them if not by the state and the institutions of culture, whose job it is, then by the individuals, whose work shows that we have not completely sunk. The second aspect is the act of buying the magazine; I have to say that I often buy the same issue more than once just talking to the vendors and seeing their happy faces can lift me in the times of crises.”

Organization Liceulice operates on the principle of the fund for economic and social inclusion of marginalized groups, and largely relies on the support of citizens and companies. Our vendors constantly need a roof over their head, the money for basic needs, motivation to overcome addictions, as well as the only chance to talk to someone and feel as valuable members of society.

If you want this program to survive, buy the magazine from our street vendors or subscribe, donate the money according to your possibilities, order from us a shirt from the collection Štenderaj, the activist calendars for 2017, or support us in any other way.

Be sure that, thanks to your allocation, every day more and more of our citizens can count on a secure source of income, psycho-social and economic assistance.


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