LICEULICE FM: live on the radio!

In the stifling, corrupt, and by all means unfree media scene in Serbia, LICEULICE media network of activism gets another boost: a new channel through which we will continue to motivate citizens to activism, and advocate the values of civil society. In addition to the printed magazine, portal and presence on various social networks, since January we are also active in the radio form, through Radio Aparat!


The concept of the radio show called “Liceulice FM” follows the basic division of our activities: the first part is dedicated to the magazine and the socially engaged topics we deal with, and the second to our vendors and their stories. The segment that covers the magazine will be broadcast live, and will last 20-30 minutes. Through it, we will present our partners and associates from various fields: the people who (often for free) write, design, illustrate, photograph, edit, translate, and proofread for the Liceulice magazine. We will deal with the current main topics of the magazine, reflect upon our society from different angles, provide critical analysis, as well as examples of good practice.

The second part of the show, which will last 10-15 minutes, will be dedicated to our vendors, due to which the Fund LICEULICE exists. In addition to the vendors themselves – all members of marginalized groups who rarely receive any media space, this segment will give attention also to the representatives of our partner organizations that care for people with disabilities, psychiatric users, as well as institutions that offer accommodation for the homeless. These segments will be recorded in an environment in which vendors live or work, where they feel comfortable, and will later be edited for broadcasting.

The show is broadcast every second Wednesday, and lasts an hour. Although it is mainly speech program, we have prepared the background music consisting of an eclectic blend of socially engaged songs from various genres and periods. Authors and presenters are Bojan Marjanović, Nikoleta Kosovac and Eva Škorić, members of Liceulice team.

Listen to us on the following pages:



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