Examples of solidarity: WE APPRECIATE IT!

Many individuals and companies helped us in the last year through different support channels (donations, purchasing the magazines in the name of the vendors, organized sales, group subscribing, etc). Here are some interesting examples: the actor Ivan Tomić, who won the humanitarian VIP karaoke at Belgrade Immo Center, donated the prize to us. Halifax Consulting Company Ltd. has decided to, instead of the formal holiday gifts for business partners, give away the money to the Liceulice Fund, and the website Kupindo is promoting our products as a part of their corporate social responsibility program. We are very grateful to all, and also proud to have initiated some positive changes in our society.

The actor Ivan Tomić, one of the best Serbian stand-up comedians, thrilled the jury with his performance on the humanitarian karaoke and won a prize of 50,000 dinars. He visited our office and presented the check to the Director of Liceulice, Milosav Marinović. Ivan had earlier helped Liceulice, so for him there was no doubt who will be the beneficiary of the prize. The organizer and the media sponsor of the event, the portal Headliner.rs, has also pledged to continue to help the Liceulice project, whose aim is the social and economic empowerment of people from the margins of society.


Executive group, #selfieless action

The well known Kupindo website surprised us with a great initiative, offering us a complimentary subscription to the magazine and online sales of Liceulice products, as well as the front page, blog and other forms of marketing support. The users of this site can find all the Liceulice products at one place now, on the page Pokloni iz dobrih razloga (Gifts For good reasons).

Another exceptional examples of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility in the business world came from the agency Executive Group, which joined #selfieless action and subscribed all its employees to Liceulice magazine, and the company Halifax Consulting d.o.o that donated 50,000 dinars to Liceulice Fund, instead of sending standardized New Year’s gifts to its business partners. Get inspired by their example –instead of directing your money towards the centres of power, the large companies that mainly exploit their workers in the Third World in order to produce cheaper goods, support Liceulice, or any other organization that works in the best interests of the community!


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